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Welcome to The Other Ones live web event!

The event is over, but pictures, transcripts, and streaming RealAudio and RealVideo of the event are online now (including a jam of Friend Of The Devil).

Use the toolbar to the right to access each section.

If you'd like to hear Bobby's and Mickey's greetings inviting you to join them and the band for the event, click below.

(In RealAudio) Bobby Weir Greeting and Mickey Hart Greeting

First Time Visitors!
Not sure if your computer is configured properly to enjoy all aspects of this live web broadcast? Worry not, we're here to help you through our walk-through config wizard.

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If you are already configured and ready to go, we suggest you start off by visiting the CD section where you can download a special BONUS track in all its MP3 (or LiquidAudio) glory! Clips from the songs on the album appeared on a daily basis in that section and are now all available. We hope you enjoyed getting a hint of the music and take advantage of being able to order the CD before it was available in stores!

Even though the CD is now in stores (as of Tue, Feb 9th) but you can still buy it online by clicking here or by calling 1-800-CAL-DEAD.

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