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Wonderful events like this don't just happen by themselves. There are a bunch of great people and companies who've helped bring you closer to The Other Ones via your computer. Join us in thanking them.

Most of all we'd like to thank The Other Ones for providing the music and spirit to make it all worthwhile.


Evolve Internet Solutions: event co-ordination and production
jon r. luini
tim mitchell, josh salesin, eric davis, karen tautenhahn, russ granger, anthony shore
Grateful Dead, Inc: artist relations, publicity, and so much more!
peter mcquaid, cameron sears, dennis mcnally, sue stallcup, jan simmons, francine accardi
Nocturne Productions: audio/video/set production
van jarvis, paul becher
Sy Klopps Studio: wired studio space
herbie herbert
ISP Networks: studio t1 and colocation network
john faber
SRA Networks: store and web site
tom paddock
Ice Nine Publishing: rights clearances
robert hunter, alan trist
... and thanks to ...
steve silberman (event interviewer)
geoff gould (aol fan community)

Internet Partners RealMedia Streams
eric magnuson, chip schutzman
michael robertson, michelle riley
Liquid Audio: LiquidMusic Server AOL: chat hosting and online promotion
Rolling Stone Online: online promotion

Technology Partners

Cutting Edge: audio compression
kevinn tam
Netopia: ISDN hardware
marcy gordon

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