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The Other Ones - The Strange Remain

The CD will be in stores on Tue, Feb 9th, but you can order it online now! You can also order by calling 1-800-CAL-DEAD.

Bonus MP3 Song - Mississippi Half Step (8:28)
This song is not available on the album-- make sure you're configured to play MP3 files and then download and enjoy! Note that this file is 8 MB in size and may take up to an hour to download on a 28k modem connection.
Click here to download the MP3 of Mississippi Half Step.

Update 2/1/99: Mississippi Half Step is now available in LiquidAudio format also.
Download a player here and then click here to listen to/download Mississippi Half Step in LiquidAudio

We'll be uploading more song clips from the album each day as we approach the event. Click on the song title that you wish to listen to (RealAudio).

disc 1 disc 2
1. St. Stephen/The Eleven
(Garcia, Lesh, Hunter)/(Lesh, Hunter)
13:55 1. Playing In The Band
(Weir, Hart, Hunter)
2. Jack Straw
(Weir, Hunter)
7:11 2. The Other One
(Weir, Kreutzmann)
3. Sugaree
(Garcia, Hunter)
12:05 3. Banyan Tree
(Weir, Hart, Hunter)
4. Corrina
(Weir, Hart, Hunter)
10:54 4. Rainbow's Cadillac**
(B.R. Hornsby)
5. Only The Strange Remain*
(Hart, Hunter)
8:18 5. Mountains Of The Moon
(Garcia, Hunter)
6. White-Wheeled Limousine**
(B.R. Hornsby)
7:31 6. Friend Of The Devil
(Garcia, Dawson, Hunter)
7. Estimated Prophet
(Weir, Barlow)
14:51 7. Baba Jingo*
(Hart, Hunter)
  8. China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider
(Garcia, Hunter)/(Traditional, arranged by Grateful Dead)

All songs published by Ice Nine Publishing (ASCAP) except * Ice Nine Publishing (ASCAP)/360 Degree Publishing (ASCAP) and ** published by Basically Zappo Music / Warner-Chappell Music (ASCAP). Used by permission. All rights reserved.

The Other Ones
Bob Weir - Guitar & Vocals
Phil Lesh - Bass & Vocals
Mickey Hart - Percussion, RAMU & Vocals
Bruce Hornsby - Piano, Keyboards & Vocals
Dave Ellis - Saxophone & Vocals
Steve Kimock - Guitar
Mark Karan - Guitar & Vocals
John Molo - Drums

Other Ones Crew:
Steve Parish, Ram Rod, Bob Bralove, Mike McGinn, Dennis Leonard, George Vaara

Remote Audio Recording:
Tom Flye - Recordist, Le Mobile, Eric Johnston, Ted Barela, Charlie Bouis

Mixed at Club Front by Tom Flye, Mickey Hart, Bob Weir, & Bruce Hornsby

Produced by The Other Ones

Mastered at Paul's Gourmet Mastering by Tom Flye, Jeffrey Norman, Paul Stubblebine

Album Coordination: Cameron Sears
Artwork: Richard Biffle
Photography: Susana Millman
Package Design: Amy Finkle Tour Producers: Cameron Sears, John Scher
Tour Manager: Amy Clarke
Publicity: Dennis McNally

Production Staff:
Mo Morrison - Production Manager
Robbie Taylor - Stage Manager
Ken Viola - Security Director
Alan Miller - Front of House Audio
Matt Haasch - Audio Crew Cheif/Monitors
Lonnie Quinn, Chris Charuki, Rich Maloney - Audio Crew
Candace Brightman - Lighting Designer
Kille Knobel - Lighting Director
Chris Lohden - Lighting Crew Chief
Vivian Slodki, Jeff Spencer, Jason Gangi - Lighting Crew
John Markward - Hospitality
John Merritt - Production Assistant
Steve Rongo - Head Rigger
Brad Child - Scenic Carpenter
Chris Slemmer - Asst. Stage Manager
Mike Bendick - Security
Mike Fischer - Lead Truck Driver

Special Thanks To: Hot Tuna, Rusted Root, George Slejko, Jill Lesh, Q Prime, Kathy Hornsby, Caryl Hart, Howard Cohen, Brigitte Coutu, Grateful Dead Productions, Peter McQuaid, Nancy Mallonee, Cassidy Law, Alan Trist, GDTS Too, Dr. Don Pearson, UltraSound, John Lobel/Light & Sound Design, Patrick Bryan, A.J. Santella, George Bross, Debbie White, Jim McDonald, Sara Carpender, Mike Slarve/Four Seasons Coaches, TravelQuest, Tzell Travel, CyberTent: Tom Paddock, Sue Stallcup, Mark Chamblis, Tim Prince

Bruce Hornsby appears courtesy of RCA Records and performs on Baldwin Pianos.

GDCD 4062 P & C 1999 Grateful Dead Records©. All rights reserved. Manufactured and distributed by Arista Records, Inc./BMG.

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The Strange Remain (cover)
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